© 2017 Juraj Starovecký


2013 | c-print | 50 Ă— 50 cm, 32 Ă— 32cm | 13 photographs

Everyday life in civilization, in the city, in a community of people, in a system of rules, in rush, in never-ending clash of chaos and order brings a need to temporary escape beyond the system. A need to sense the boundary, which can be crossed, beyond which it is possible to ponder in peace, contemplate and gain detachment, to be “offline”. I came to a conclusion that the ideal getaway place is the Nature, the wild forests, the places where human tracks fade. All alone, with my camera as my only note book, I crossed my own boundaries, my feelings of fear as well as soothing serenity. Exposed to a major change of situation which allowed me to go through the unusual, I offer my own experience via photography to other people.